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CASE sells its first Stage V excavator in the Nordics

CASE sells its first Stage V excavator in the Nordics

  • Published Sun Dec 1, 2019

CASE rolls out cleaner and more fuel-efficient machines to the Nordics region with the sale of its first Stage V machine to JN:s Entreprenadmaskiner in Borlänge, Sweden.

As Sweden leads the way in recycling best practice and this industry continues to boom, waste handling and recycling company JN:s Entreprenadmaskiner was looking to invest in a new excavator.

“We work in one of the most demanding applications,” explains Jonny Nilsson, Owner of JN:s Entreprenadmaskiner. “We receive waste from the building trade and recycle it into useful materials so that it can be fed back into the construction lifecycle. We need heavy-duty equipment that can withstand the harshest environments while consistently performing. A large part of the work we carry out is cutting scrap metal and crushing and sorting concrete, aggregate and other building materials, so our equipment needs to be flexible too.”

CASE dealer Swecase was approached by JN:s Entreprenadmaskiner to find an excavator that could deliver all of these requirements. Through careful consideration of the CASE range, Nilsson decided to purchase the new Stage V-compliant CASE CX490D crawler excavator, which is manufactured in Japan, homeland of the most quality advanced excavators in the world and with a manufacturing technology nurtured by a tradition spanning more than 100 years.

The machine features a Stage V Isuzu 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine. The introduction of Stage V engines across CASE’s European range has been driven by the new EU emissions standards introduced in January of this year. Now fully implemented, these dictate a new limit for particle number (PN) and a reduced limit for particle matter (PM) in the emissions from any non-road mobile machinery above 130kW.

As well as meeting the Stage V emissions standards, the CASE CX490D delivers increased maximum torque at a lower rpm, 1567Nm at 1300 rpm, which gives an improved engine response. The closed-circuit ventilation system means that oil gases are filtered, separated and sent back to the crankcase, preventing dispersion into the air.

“The Isuzu engine featured in the CASE CX490D model delivers all of the requirements of the new Stage V legislation,” explains Giuseppe SANTO, Product Manager, General Construction, CASE Construction Equipment Europe. “Our commitment to sustainability and delivering cleaner diesel engines puts us in a leading position with our excavator range. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology in our engines, together with intelligent hydraulics, we deliver substantial fuel and energy saving which translates into reduced CO₂ emissions. As a further confirmation of the active engagement in Sustainability, CNH Industrial as a group was admitted for the ninth consecutive year to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) World and DJSI Europe, which are among the most prestigious sustainability-focused equity indices in the world and for the ninth time in a row received the highest score for the assessed companies in the machinery and electrical equipment industry.”

“Of course,” continues Santo, “our work doesn’t stop here. We will be launching many more Stage V models in our excavator range starting from 2020 and we are proud to be part of a larger group which is, among others, engine market leader and is shifting towards a more environmentally friendly product portfolio

The main benefits of this machine lie in the efficiency,” explains Fredrik Holmquist, Dealer Principle, Swecase. “The efficient engine, together with the high-quality, low maintenance design, drives down the total cost of ownership but, importantly, the operator doesn’t lose performance. The electronically-controlled hydraulic pumps and the intelligent hydraulic system maintain the right pressure and flow for each type of job ensuring a smooth transition from one job to the other, which delivers the power and controllability that our customers need. JN:s Entreprenadmaskiner needs a wide range of attachments to carry out a complex range of tasks and we were able to supply the accessories to meet their needs.”

“We’re committed to making a positive environmental impact wherever we can,” continues Nilsson. “We know that our machine is consuming less diesel, which is great for the environment but also for our business; we’ll be saving money while running this machine.

“It was important to us that saving money and reducing our carbon footprint wouldn’t impact negatively on our operators and we’ve seen the opposite since investing in this machine,” concludes Nilsson. “This new machine is quiet, measuring only 70dB inside the cab, and it’s warm and comfortable with plenty of space for our operators to work.”


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