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Crawler Excavators

E-Series Crawler Excavators

CASE excavators have always been very popular for their excellent reliability, best match in the industry between speed and controllability, outstanding comfort and impressive low fuel consumption.
All these advantages make CASE crawler excavators favorites on jobsites around the world, as a result and expression of the continuous pursuit of perfection of our legendary brand.

Now it’s time to enhance your experience even more with the E-SERIES excavators. The new benchmark for excellence is here!

The perfect equipment for:
  • Urban
  • Infrastructure
  • Recycling
  • Quarrying
E-Series Crawler Excavators CX130E-CX160E-CX180E
E-Series Crawler Excavators CX130E-CX160E-CX180E
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E-Series Crawler Excavators - CX210E
E-Series Crawler Excavators - CX210E
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E-Series Crawler Excavators - CX250E/ CX300E
E-Series Crawler Excavators - CX250E/ CX300E
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Stronger than ever, built to last

  • The reinforced clamp improves the pipe holding force on the boom.
  • The shape and thickness of the inner reinforcement plate increase the boom’s durability.
  • The tolerance of the boom and arm cylinder pins has been updated to reduce clatter and play within the bushing.
  • A new stop valve adjustment mechanism has been added for easier piping-valve connection.
  • The more compact assembly of the undercarriage recoil spring on the CX130E, also including the grease cylinder on CX160E / CX180E, facilitates clearing the mud.
  • The CX130E features a reinforced and more durable travel motor, while CX160E / CX180E deliver increased performances in travelling.
  • The upper carrier rollers (on CX160E / CX180E / CX210E / CX250E) have been upgraded for greater durability.


Smooth control, efficient operation – more than ever
The trademark CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System (CIHS) is now paired with new work modes and adjustable hydraulic settings to deliver the smoother and more efficient operation than the previous generation.


A high degree of customization for every task

The new-concept work modes with independent throttle position offer a precise match to the requirements of every task:

SP (Super Power) Mode for maximum productivity (as in D-Series) with the throttle set at maximum power.
P (Power) mode replaces H and A mode in D-Series, with throttle settings from 1 to 10.
E (Eco) mode for maximum fuel economy, with throttle settings from 1 to 10.
L (Lifting) mode is optimized for object handling with power boost permanently activated and overload warning system, and throttle settings from 1 to 6.

The choice of available work modes can be locked by the machine owner.

NEW The ground-breaking Eco mode reduces fuel consumption through selective control of engine and pump depending on the movement. It maintains maximum pump torque to deliver high productivity, while minimizing fuel consumption during low effort operations.

The balance of the hydraulic flows can also be customized to suit the operator’s preferences:

  • “Arm In” vs “Boom Up”
  • “Arm In” vs “Swing”

The E-Series takes versatility even further by enabling the operator to select the type of work tool and input the customizable model number on the machine’s monitor. When selecting the flow and pressure settings, they can also set the maximum overflow to protect the attachment.


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Top performance, high fuel economy

The new-generation E-Series combines the proven energy saving features of the D-Series with new work modes and hydraulic settings to raise the bar on efficiency.

The advanced automatic energy management system inherited from the D-Series consists of six key energy control functionalities:

  • Pump Torque Control: prevents drops in engine speed due to overtorque in high load operations the system while reducing fuel consumption in operations where maximum pump power is not required.
  • Boom Economy Control: increases fuel efficiency during boom down and swing movements.
  • Swing Relief Control: reduces the initial pump flow while improving control at the start of swing movements to lower fuel consumption.
  • Spool Stroke Control: automatically adjusts pressure based on the sensors’ feedback, avoiding unnecessary functionality.
  • Boom Oil Regeneration: the returning oil from boom down is used to speed up the arm out movement [only from CX210E upward].
  • Auto Idle / Idle Shutdown: customizable and manually switchable functions that lower engine rpms after a period of inactivity or shut down the engine after a period of idling.

With all these features, coordinated by the CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System, together with the new FPT engine and improved travel motor for additional mechanical efficiency, the E-Series excavators deliver unprecedented performance and high fuel economy. CX160E / CX180E hydraulics has been further improved thanks to a 12% increase in the pump flow rate output.


EU Stage V compliant engines

The new FPT NEF engines meet Stage V standards with the innovative HI-eSCR2 solution developed in-house, which only uses a Diesel Oxydation Catalyst and an integrated maintenance-free device on the SCR catalyst to achieve this dramatic reduction in emissions.

  • The SCR-on-Filter is “built-for-life” and requires no replacement or mechanical cleaning for its entire guaranteed emission regulation life.
  • The air intake flow is increased by a turbocharger with air-to-air cooling.
  • The multiple injection delivers best-in-class high torque performance at low rpms.
  • No EGR valve means 100% fresh air is used for combustion and no extra cooling system is required.

The new Stage V NEF engines can take their low-emission performance even further, as they can operate on B7 biodiesel and HVO (an even cleaner and more high-quality alternative to biodiesel, with superior performances in cold weathers) and other paraffinic fuels like GTL (Gas-to-Liquids), CTL (Coal-to-Liquids), BTL (Biomass-to-Liquids).


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Ideal working conditions, every day

  • Pressurized cab with improved sealing, wide access space and increased foot space.
  • Ergonomic air-suspended high-back seat with tilt adjustment and optional heater.
  • Console suspended with the seat and optimized control lever positions: the operator maintains their preferred working posture when adjusting the seat’s position.
  • Reduced pedal travel and footrest reduce fatigue during operation.
  • Automatic air conditioning controls integrated in the monitor.
  • Air conditioning performance improved with a cooling upgrade and optimal air vents location.
  • Optimized storage capacity with lunch box tray and cool box, smartphone tray, and two large drink holders.
  • Repositioned lower track rollers reduce vibrations for smoother travelling.
  • Quieter cab with 1 dB lower internal noise compared to D-Series on CX210E, and 3 dB lower on CX250E / CX300E.


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Safety first, inside and outside the cab

  • Reinforced cab structure ROPS and FOPS compliant.
  • Standard FOPS level 2 head protection.
  • Factory fitted front guard OPG level 2; grill guard and front guard OPG level 1 available as DIA kits.
  • Optional factory fitted travel alarm for greater safety on the jobsite around the machine.
  • New auto lever lock safety feature immediately stops machine movement when the operator unintentionally unlocks the gate lock.
  • Seat belt fastened detection.
  • Wide, robust and comfortable steps, and handrail for safe access to the top of the hood.
  • Non-slip plates and top hood cover supported by two gas pistons and secured by two mechanical stops.
  • Wide platform on top of the engine compartment to work safely on the engine box.


Designed for outstanding visibility

Visibility – already outstanding in the D-Series - has been further enhanced:

  • Glazed surface with improved visibility on the right hand side.
  • Bigger monitor (from 7 to 10’’) with higher resolution, five configurable buttons and additional menus on the display.
  • Standard rear- and right-hand cameras, and an optional left-hand camera is available for the 270° CASE Maximum View Monitor with revised screen layout.
  • Upgraded cameras for better color balance.
  • Improved front window defrost.
  • New diffusion spray type window washer nozzle ensures better windshield cleaning.
  • Optional LED lights package available for brighter and wider illumination.
  • “Follow me” lights function with selectable off timer.


“Grounded” and connected services solution

  • New extended service intervals for lower maintenance costs:
    - Engine oil, fuel & oil filters extended from 500 to 1,000 hours;
    - AdBlue supply module filter was 3,000 hours, it goes up to 4,000 hours;
    - Travel gear oil extended from 1,000 to 2,000 hours (on CX160E / CX180E).
  • Extended Maintenance System (EMS) bushings provide 1,000 hour greasing intervals on arm and boom pins and 250 hours on the attachment pin.
  • No EGR reduces complexity in the ATS.
  • SCR-on-Filter auto-cleaning device requires no replacement or mechanical cleaning during guaranteed life span.
  • Fuel nozzle with integrated fuel tank float provides better visibility during refilling.
  • Hydraulic oil tank cap with integrated air breather for tool-less refill.
  • Newly added sampling valve in pump room for easier hydraulic oil sampling.
  • Increased washer tank capacity for fewer washer refills.
  • Grease cylinder compact design for easier mud cleaning around carrier rollers on CX160E / CX180E, same result achieved on CX130E by compacting the recoil spring.
  • Two-piece split cab floor mat for simpler cleaning.
  • Radiator shroud with larger opening from the side and additional opening below the upper structure for better accessibility.
  • Air cleaner height change for easier put on and off.
  • Fan belt auto-tensioner requires no manual calibration.
  • Remote diagnostics and assistance, and interactive maintenance with the new bidirectional CASE SiteConnect module and enhanced SiteWatch telematics services.
  • The new aftermarket offering of CASE NEXPRO rubber bolt-on pads, available on CX130E fitted with 500 mm and 600 mm shoes, makes it easy and quick to switch between on- and off-road applications, extending the machine’s versatility and improving the customer’s profitability.
  • The CX210E will also benefit from a new aftermarket offering of dedicated service maintenance kits, helping the customers to further improve their TCO.


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